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Surgeon General   

The US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, highlighting the need for health-care providers to address tobacco use.
Clinician-assisted tobacco cessation

Welcome to Rx for Change!

Rx for Change: Clinician-Assisted Tobacco Cessation is a comprehensive tobacco cessation training program that equips health professional students and practicing clinicians, of all disciplines, with evidence-based knowledge and skills for assisting patients with quitting. Our program draws heavily from the U.S. Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, in that it advocates delivery of tailored behavioral counseling interventions in conjunction with pharmacotherapy. We address all forms of tobacco, not just cigarettes, and our materials focus on counseling all patients‚ÄĒregardless of their readiness to quit. All materials have undergone extensive external review by key experts in the field.

Learn more about the Rx for Change program. We have the following versions available:

  1. 5 A's (comprehensive counseling)
  2. Ask-Advise-Refer (brief counseling)
  3. Psychiatry
  4. Cardiology
  5. Mental Health Peer Counselors
  6. Respiratory Care
  7. Surgical Care

UCSF openly shares the Rx for Change materials with others at no cost, and students can access the web-based modules and virtual patient exercises through the left-hand menu on this home page.

To access other components of the Rx for Change program, please complete our online registration process, and accept our End-User Licensing Agreement. Rx for Change can be used only for non-commercial teaching and research purposes and cannot be used for profit.